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Marijuana Tolerance – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weed

September 3rd, 2017 Posted by Information 1 comment on “Marijuana Tolerance – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weed”

If you are going to consume cannabis, there is one element that is extremely important for you to understand, and that is your marijuana tolerance. Have you ever noticed when you get a new sack of herb, you get shot to the sky when you take your first hit, but towards the end of the bag you feel nothing? This is due to you building up a marijuana tolerance to that specific variety. This is why it is so important to understand how your tolerance works, so that you can get the most effect while doing the least damage to your body.

Your Body Grows Immune

Our bodies are designed to grow immune to most things that we encounter. This is very important for many reasons. If we did not build up a tolerance for things, we would sit in the same place all day and do the same things over and over again. Our tolerance forces us to go out and explore new things.

Say if someone were to eat the same foods every day, again and again, they’re taste buds would slowly stop seeing that food as pleasurable, and they would go out and seek new foods. This is important because eating the same thing over and over again 99.9% of the times is going to leave you deprived of some nutrients and over abundant in other nutrients. Losing the desire for the taste of that food is very beneficial and forces you to seek other food which will help balance your nutrient intake.

This feature of our body to grow immune to things is universal and applies to almost everything. It takes most people 3 beers to get the same effect that they got from their first beer. TV episodes become boring after you’ve watched them multiple times. Same with marijuana, if you keep smoking the same strain with the same blend of¬†Cannabinoids your body grows immune and you aren’t effected anymore.¬†Your marijuana tolerance will slowly lower and go away with time, but it can take many months or years for this to happen.

Switching strains

The key remedy for your marijuana tolerance is to switch up the strains that you are consuming. Different strains have different blends of Cannabinoids. So when you try a new strain with a blend of Cannabinoids that you aren’t completely used to, you get the full powered effect that you are seeking. So instead of buying one same variety and end up losing the ability to be effected by it, try getting multiple strains and switching them off. When you smoke one strain, and then smoke another strain, it gives your body some time to lower its tolerance for the first strain you were smoking.

Another thing you will notice, is that some strains you build up a tolerance to much faster. Some strains get you ripped the first time, then after your third time you don’t feel it at all, and other strains you can smoke all day for a month and still feel it at the end of the month. This is one thing that makes cannabis as a drug so amazing. It isn’t man made and all the same. Nature has given it variety and as a result it has a much more fulfilling effect.

Marijuana Tolerance breaks

Another very important remedy for building up a marijuana tolerance is to take tolerance breaks from time to time. Say if you have been smoking a lot of wax, and then you try to go smoke herb, chances are you won’t feel too strong of an effect because your body is so used to 85% THC instead of 20%. The only thing you can really do to remedy this is take a break from smoking. A break will allow your body to lower its tolerance a bit and give you the ability to feel the effects fully again.

How long of a break you need all depends on how much you have been consuming. The stronger your tolerance is, the longer of a break you will need. I usually take tolerance breaks for around 2 weeks, that is usually a good enough amount of time to allow me to get a good strong effect.

Tolerance breaks are very important, because smoking anything will cause damage to your lungs. It is important to minimize damage to your body as much as possible so you can live life to the fullest. Tolerance breaks allow you to get more effect with less smoke in your lungs.