YoCan Evolve Plus XL Quad Coil Wax Pen

September 27th, 2017 Posted by Products 1 comment on “YoCan Evolve Plus XL Quad Coil Wax Pen”

YoCan has just released another version of their Evolve. They have had many different versions of the YoCan Evolve however this one tops them all. The brand new YoCan Evolve Plus XL makes some improvements to their much loved Evolve Plus.

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Quad Coils

The older YoCan Evolve Plus was great, but dual coils on pens has been becoming quite common these days. Atman recently released triple coils in their Owar. YoCan Wanted to top everyone so they threw 4 coils in to their new heating element. With quad coils on the large plus battery you will be getting giant rips that leave you medicated all day. No more taking weak small hits and wondering if you are even feeling it.

Airflow Control

They also added an airflow control sleeve on the YoCan Evolve Plus XL wax pen. This is a great feature and works a lot like a carb cap. When you seal off the chamber with your heated vapor and create a vacuum, the oils will vaporize at a lower temperature. By allowing your wax to vaporize at a lower temperature, you will destroy less of the loved cannabanoids and terpenes. This makes sure that you get all of the flavor and strength that you love while doing minimal harm to your lungs from heat.

Split Removable Silicone Jar

Adding a silicone jar to the bottom of the wax pen batteries has been a much loved innovation. It is great being able to take your wax with you on the go wherever you are. YoCan outdid themselves again with the new silicone jar on the bottom of the YoCan Evolve Plus XL battery. With the new design you are able to not only remove the base of the jar, but also remove the top. This is nice because before you could only remove the bottom of the jar. However this does nothing for keeping your wax in the jar. They also stepped it up and put a divider in the wax jar. Now you can have multiple strains with you and they won’t get mixed.





Click here to order a YoCan Evolve Plus XL Online

1 comment on “YoCan Evolve Plus XL Quad Coil Wax Pen”

Yet another innovative design from YoCan. Looks like a nice thick battery and quad coils are a big bonus.

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