Using Cannabis Responsibly

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Cannabis is a great tool that is extremely valuable to us and our society. However, like most things, cannabis can be abused. That is why it is so important for us to use marijuana responsibly to help get rid of the bad rep it has been given.

Build Good Habits

In order to use Cannabis responsibly it is important to have good solid habits in place. Like most things, marijuana can become either a good or a bad habit. Watching TV and eating french fries can be harmless if done on occasion, but when they become a habit that takes control over your life, they become something bad. It is up to you to maintain good habits, and your bad habits can’t be blamed on marijuana.

If it were up to me, I would be able to eat fried food, smoke herb and watch TV all day, doing nothing else. However this is extremely unproductive and does little good for anyone. So to live my life to the fullest I must balance what I enjoy doing with things that are productive and good for society.

Consume in Moderation

While it is true that you or anyone you meet will never overdose from marijuana, you still should limit your consumption. Although waterpipes and vaporizers minimize the damage done from smoking, inhaling anything besides pure air damages the lungs. Heat and microscopic particles build up in your lungs and cause irritation, this is why it is important to not consume more herb than you need.


To keep marijuana from becoming a negative influence, it is important to keep priorities in your life. Marijuana is a great reward and treat to help motivate you to work hard and get things done. Always make sure to keep your priorities in order. Don’t let Cannabis smoking interfere with important things in your life like work, school and bettering yourself.


It is up to us to paint the image for Cannabis that it deserves. It has been demonized for the past century, but luckily for us, the veils have slowly begun to lift. Marijuana is being illuminated as wonderful medicinal herb that it is, and it is our responsibility to free the herb!

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