Marijuana and Insomnia

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Using Marijuana to Help Insomnia

Many people these days have trouble sleeping. We are all bombarded with  stimuli constantly and have endless things to be stressed over. It is hard for many of us to lay down and get the rest that we need.

The main hormone that helps our body sleep is Melatonin which is synthesized in our Pineal Gland. There are so many different things in products we use every day that clog up and calcify our pineal gland. With a clogged up Pineal gland it is hard for our body to create the Melatonin that we need to drift off to sleep.

Fortunately consuming marijuana can increase our Melatonin levels by as much as 4000%. This is why sometimes when you smoke all you can think about is drifting off to dream land. Cannabis is a great tool to help ease you off to sleep if you have had  stressful day and are having a hard time going to sleep. However like everything, it is not good to overdo it.

Insomnia From Not Smoking Marijuana

Have you ever noticed trouble sleeping when you stop smoking? This is a temporary side effect of Cannabis. When you are smoking heavily, your body gets used to have heightened levels of Melatonin. When you stop smoking, your bodies Melatonin levels are much lower than they were before making it harder for you to sleep. This goes away after a few days, but it can be a bit annoying at times if you are in need of rest. It is always important to not cut off smoking completely if you have to get up early, have a hard day ahead and need your rest. If you are going to cut off smoking try to do so on a weekend or when you have days off. That way if you don’t get much rest it isn’t too big of a deal because you can spend the day relaxing.

Tips on Dealing With Insomnia

There are many things that you can do to help you deal with insomnia without having to rely on medication.

  1. Eat Healthy
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Don’t eat sugar or caffeine at night
  4. Don’t watch loud intense TV shows before sleeping

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