Atman Owar Triple Coil Wax Vape Pen

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Powerful Full Flavor Hits From The Atman Owar Wax Pen!

The Atman Owar is perfect for people that like to get fully medicated. With the triple coils and full powered 1100mah battery you will get full powered potency with each hit on this vape pen. No more little weak clouds, the Atman Owar vape pen will give you giant rips that leave you medicated all day. The coils heat up fast and have full power. The full strength from the heating element will give you a hit that is as close to a dab from a torch and nail as you will get with a pen.

The battery has 3 different temperature levels and is easy to adjust. Simply click the button 3 times to change the battery temperature level and click it 5 times to turn it on/off. The battery is also very easy to charge. It has a micro usb port so you can use your phone charger to charge it up. You can also still hit the pen while it is charging.

On top of having triple coils for full strength, the Atman Owar has quartz wicks which give you pure flavor. No more bad burnt taste in your wax. A lot of older vape pen designs with cotton for wicks end up burning giving you a bad taste and dangerous smoke.

Get Everyone High!

The Atman Owar is also the perfect pen to take out when you want to keep you and all of your friends medicated. It has a built on silicone jar so you can store all your wax in the pen. The coil also has a coil cover, so you can pack a large amount in the chamber and take it out with you on the go. There is also an extra Atman Owar Coil with a coil cover, so you can pack multiple coils while you are out on the go.


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