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How To Make Cannabis Oil

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This is going to be a very basic overview of how to make cannabis oil in all the most popular ways.

There are many different types of cannabis oil and many different ways to make cannabis oil. No one ever really makes cannabis oils, they are just extracted and separated from the plant matter. All of the psychoactive chemicals in cannabis are located in the oils. Most of the plants oils are located in waxlike glands called trichomes. Trichomes look like small microscopic mushrooms, and range in colors from clear, to cloudy white, to an oxidized brown.

Marijuana Trichomes

So the key to making cannabis oil is to separate these wax glands from the green plant matter. There are two main ways to do this now, by dissolving it in a solution, or by melting it with heat.

Most Popular types of Cannabis Oil

  1. Cooking Oil
  2. Butane Hash Oil
  3. Rosin

Some Cannabis Oil’s are hash, some aren’t. But what makes cannabis oil different than most hash, is that the trichomes outer wax membrane layer is usually always dissolved, where as traditional hash methods that use physical separation usually leave the outer wax layer un dissolved. This is why traditional hash is able to press in to forms that are easy to handle with out melting like an oil.

How To Make Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Cooking Oil

How to make cannabis oil for cooking. Making Cannabis Oil for cooking is one of the easiest methods. Essentially all you have to do is mix a good amount of oil such as olive oil, in to water, then boil the water and oil with ground up marijuana. After a while of boiling, you let the mixture cool down, and pour the solution through a cheese cloth to remove all of the dried plant matter. Then you place the mixture in to a freezer to freeze the water off, and then collect the oil that is on top of the ice.

Butane Hash Oil


How to make cannabis oil with butane. This is the by far most popular cannabis oils at the moment. It can come in many different forms from wax like, to a liquid oil, to hard like glass. The different types have to do with the chemical composition of the plant used combined with the recipe used by the person making it.


Essentially all BHO butane hash oil is hash that was extracted by running butane through a tube packed with cannabis. At one end of the tube, butane is pumped inside, and the other side has a filter to keep all of the plant matter in while letting the cannabis oil soaked liquid butane run out in to a pyrex dish. Then the butane is evaporated from the cannabis oil. Once most of the butane has been evaporated, it is good to scrape the oil off of the pyrex dish with razor blades, and put it on to parchment paper.

Removing The Butane

Once it is on the parchment paper it is good to get a vacuum chamber, and then remove all of the air from the chamber with a vacuum pump. You can then heat the chamber to a very low temperature, usually around 110 F. What this does is evaporates and pulls out the last of the butane. It is very important to remove as much butane as you possibly can to give you the smoothest product with very little burn. If BHO crackles and pops like the 4th of july, it is probably from butane igniting which is almost like holding a lighter inside of your lungs if you inhale it.


How to make cannabis oil with heat. Rosin is a very popular type of cannabis hash oil that has recently been gaining popularity. Rosin all comes down to using heat and pressure to melt all of the cannabis oils out of either plant matter or hash. You can use a hair straightener, t-shirt heat press, or a specific tool made for pressing rosin. You can also press rosin out of herb or even hash.

The key for pressing rosin out of herb is the press the herb down until it looks like a small puck. Then you put the puck in to the heat press turn the heat on and press it. There are a lot of specifics to how to get it right. You will need to experiment with different heat levels and different amounts of pressure. But with some practice you will be able to make a very high quality product.

The great thing about rosin as opposed to BHO is there is no gases being released to the atmosphere so it is a much more environmentally friendly method.



We hoped you enjoyed this article, and plan to create many more in the future. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear what you have to say in the comments section.

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How To Order Wax / Herb Online To Any State / Country Online

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So you love wax but have a hard time coming by it in your area? It is already illegal to possess it in most places, so why not break a few more laws ordering it through the mail.


*LEGAL DISCLAIMER* This article is strictly for informational entertainment purposes so if you get in to any legal trouble from the techniques described here, you take full responsibility.

Fortunately most of the people that are shipping online have been doing it for many years and have developed extremely stealth methods to insure that your goods arrive safely. Most darknet markets have a system for reviews so you can see how well each vendors past orders were shipped.

So if you are looking to order wax / shatter / bho / herb or almost any other illegal substance, this guide will show you how.

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The steps to order hard to get products is actually quite simple.

  1. Install Tor browser to conceal your identity
  2. Sign up and browse a few darknet markets
  3. Purchase your bitcoin, then tumble it to conceal your identity
  4. Transfer your bitcoin to your wallet in your selected marketplace, make your purchase and wait for your mail to arrive

1. Install Tor Browser

The first step is to install the tor browser. The tor browser allows you to access websites through a proxy network that will keep you anonymous to the websites webmaster. What this does is makes it so when the webmaster checks their site history, instead of seeing your location, and your computer stats, they will see the computer location and stats for some random computer that is part of the tor network.

Downloading the tor browser is simple, all you have to do is visit this page download and install it.

2. Sign Up and Browse a Few Darknet Markets

Once you have the tor browser installed, you will be able to safely access the darknet markets. Darknet markets all will have an onion link instead of the standard website url. And onion link is just the format that links that are on the darknet. This is a great place to find onion links to all of the top darknet markets.

They are all pretty much like an ebay for illegal goods. They are shut down often but whenever one is shut down 10 more pop up. The Silk Road has been shut down 2 times, but every time, a month later, a new version pops up.

It is much safer for people to buy their goods (that should be legal) from the internet than to purchase from shady street dealers, so whenever something is doing good for people, no one can stop it.

3. Purchase Your Bitcoin Then Tumble It

Each of the darknet markets will give you a bitcoin wallet when you create an account. How bitcoin works, is by using special computer algorithms to safely create currency that is nothing more than data on a computer. But all you need to know, is that bitcoin is stored in bitcoin wallets which are usually always free, and you can freely transfer your bitcoin from wallet to wallet with ease.

However, there is data stored for bitcoin whenever it is transferred and unless you take precautions it can be traced back to you. Luckily there at tools called tumblers that make your bitcoin almost completely stealth.

How to buy bitcoin

There are many ways to buy bitcoin. One easy way is to look on craigslist and find someone who is selling bitcoin. They will either meet up with you and exchange cash, or have you deposit in to a bank account and then wire the bitcoin to your wallet. This way is very stealth and most of the time the bitcoin can’t be traced back to you so you won’t even need to tumble it.

Another method is to go on to a site like where you can buy bitcoin with a credit / debit card. If you do it with this method it will be traced back to you unless you tumble it.

How to tumble bitcoin

Tumbling bitcoin is as simple as creating an account in a bitcoin tumbler which will give you a bitcoin wallet, then transferring your funds in to the wallet you were given.

How bitcoin tumblers work is they are a big pool of different bitcoin from many different people. The service will keep track of how many bitcoin you deposited in to your wallet. Later when you remove your funds from their service it will be bitcoin (computer code) that was deposited from someone else so that there is no code tracing your new bitcoin back to you. Most of these services charge a small percentage fee. If you scroll to the bottom of this link you will see “Popular Coin Tumblers” which is a list of popular bitcoin tumblers people use.

4. Transfer Your Bitcoin To Your Wallet, Make Your Purchase and Wait It In the Mail

This is the final step, and can be very exciting. Now that you have your secure bitcoin and have chosen a marketplace you want to purchase from, you need to transfer your bitcoin in to the wallet that the marketplace has provided you with.

Make sure the the product you are hoping to order is coming from someone who has good reviews because there are a lot of scammers in the darknet markets.

Making a purchase is almost as simple as buying something off of ebay. You just need to make sure you have enough funds in your wallet, then select what you want and click buy.

After you make your purchase you will need to send they seller your shipping information. You usually always want to do this with a PGP key to keep it encrypted. Most sellers will have a PGP key listed in their bio. All you need to do is copy this key, go to a site like enter in the sellers PGP key, type your message with your address, copy the message the site will make encrypted with the sellers key then send the seller your encrypted message.

It may seem smart to ship to your address with someone elses name, but most people always suggest to use your own name to keep things from looking suspicious. A lot of times if you make up a name this could throw up red flags with the post office which could bring you more risk. Most of the packages are shipped so stealth there really isn’t too much to worry about.

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The Kind Center in Van Nuys Californa

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