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What is marijuana wax?

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It has been around for many years, but only recently has popularity began to take off. About 10 years ago it was a prized product only available to select people, now it is available in pretty much every medical dispensary.

The big question that comes up all of the time, is, what is marijuana wax?

To put it simply, marijuana wax is the plants trichomes separated from the plant matter.

Wax can come in many different forms. It can be everything from a liquid, to a solid fragile glass. The texture has to do with many factors, including the specific strains trichomes biochemical make up, the kind of solvent used, how much of the solvent is removed, how much heat was used, etc. . .

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Why separate marijuana’s thrichomes from the plant matter? Most of the active chemicals people consume marijuana for are concentrated in the trichome / resin glands. This provides a much more potent product that can be consumed while doing much less damage than traditional smoking.

Smoking marijuana is very enjoyable, however the bad effects from burning plant matter does no good for your lungs. Burning plant matter releases many different gases and tars that cause respiratory problems. When plant matter is burnt it releases CO2, CO, and many other gases that we should not be breathing directly.

Another thing that makes wax so appealing, is that it can be vaporized very easily since it is an oil. Because it is an oil, you can vaporize it with the right levels of heat. This vapor can then be inhaled, providing potent effects, without all of the damage and toxic gases from smoking.

There are many different ways to consume marijuana wax, but it is usually all different methods of vaporization. The easiest way that provides the best results is to use a wax vape pen. All you have to do to vape wax in a pen is put the wax on the coil, push the button, and inhale. We have a wide assortment of high quality pens with the best prices on our site. Click here for best prices on vape pens!

Dual Quartz Vape Pens

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If you are wondering what the newest trend in wax / concentrate vape pens, it is quartz atomizers. Before, ceramic was the popular new thing with vape pens, now quartz has taken the spotlight, and for good reason.

The WAXXX Dual Quartz skillet kit is everyones all around favorite quartz vaporizer pen.

New quartz atomizers bring flavor to a whole new level! With out dual coil line of quartz atomizers you not only get huge hits, but amazing flavor! Quartz atomizers will give you a much more crisp true flavor. Ceramic tends to hold on to lots of different materials and absorb them where quartz is solid and repels things from penetrating it.

If you have not tried quartz vaporizer pen atomizers, then you need to!  There are many options available for dual quartz vape pens. You can either get a full kit, a new atomizer, or even an upgrade replacement coil for older styled atomizers.

Biggest LA Smoke Shop – Mikes on Hollywood Blvd

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If you are looking for the best glass rigs, pipes, water pipes, bongs, vape pens and glass art, Mikes Smoke Shop on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles is exactly where you need to go. They are the largest smoke shop in Los Angeles, and possibly even the largest in the world.

It would be fitting for this place to change their name to Mikes Museum because many of these glass art pieces are far too valuable to be in a smoke shop. The location is right on Hollywood Boulevard, perfect for tourists looking to grab a piece of California culture. There are rigs and pendants from many world famous glass artists at all price ranges.

If you are looking for accessories to help you medicate in style, this is the place you need to go!

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