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Dementia Smoke Shop Woodland Hills

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If you are around Los Angeles, you need to stop by Dementia Glass Gallery in Woodland HIlls. They have some of the best glass in all of Southern California. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase anything, they are worth stopping by just to enjoy the beauty that many famous glassblowers have put hundreds of hours in to creating. While you are there make sure to pick up some GROspot products. The by far best quality vape pens, at the best prices.

Why you should own a marijuana wax vape pen

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You have probably noticed over the past year or so, everyone seems to have vape pens now. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular smoking accessories for marijuana and wax. Maybe you have been thinking about purchasing one but don’t know exactly why you need one. In this article I will let you know what makes them so very popular.

1. They are very portable

Vape pens are extremely portable, and can be used anywhere. Most are so small they can easily fit in your pocket, and so discreet they look just like a pen. You can bring them anywhere that you go without needing a special case or any other tools. Glass rigs are fun to bring around but not practical. If you are hitting wax it’s not always ideal to be carrying a torch around with you wherever you go. Vape pens make it simple to medicate where ever you want to.

2. They are easy to use

Medicating doesn’t get any easier than using a vape pen. Simply load them and press a button and you will get a hit comparable to a dab from a glass rig. All you have to do is put your concentrate or herb on the coil, put the mouthpiece on, press the button and breathe in.

3. They are very effective

With the potency that the dual coils provide, the effect you get from many of the newer style vape pens is comparable to a dab from a torch and nail. The coils on the vape pens from our site will give you full strength hits allowing you to be fully medicated. The dual coils are everyone’s favorite because they give you a huge hit that will leave you feeling lifted for hours. Many people don’t even like taking more than 2 hits because the effects of good wax can be so potent.


So if you are looking to get a vape pen, make sure to check out our shop for the best prices on the best quality pens. GROspot Vape Pen Shop