Marijuana Grow Soil

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Marijuana grow soil is a key component to a soil cannabis grow. There are many different kind of soils that can be used, and many different things that make up soil. There are also other ways to grow weed that doesn’t use soil such as hydroponics. Like pencil/paint is to visual art, soil / hydroponics is to growing. They are the mediums used to get the end result. It is up to the the grower / artist to create the perfect combination to achieve the desired outcome.

Marijuana Grow Soil

Why Grow With Soil?

There are many ways to grow cannabis, but what makes soil such a popular method amongst growers? Soil is readily available at any hardware store and has a low startup cost requiring very little equipment. Unlike hydroponics where you will need equipment to start, all you need for soil is the soil and a container for the soil.

On top of being much more affordable, growing in soil is much easier than hydroponics. With hydroponics if you over feed your plants they will die in a matter of hours if not minutes. If you over feed with while watering your soil plants, the soil will buffer the excess nutrients giving you extra time to flush out any excess nutrients. Since the soil grabs on to nutrients and slowly releases them this also gives a much smoother organic release of nutrients.

Soil growing when done right will always have a better flavor and effect than hydroponic. Since cannabis has been around its been growing in the soil, so it only makes sense that it will do its best in soil. Most of the components that make up soil break down and release nutrients. With so many different things in marijuana grow soil this provides a wide spectrum of nutrients that gives plants what they need. There is practically unlimited different things you can add to soil that will all provide different beneficial chemicals to help plants thrive.

The key to Organic Marijuana Grow Soil is to pack the soil with rich nutrients that will slowly release giving the plants everything they need. Many different organic nutrient soil additives will slowly release as they break down, this will feed your plants every time you water them.


What is Marijuana Grow Soil?

Soil is very complex and made of many different materials. Some of these materials are organic (from living matter) and some is inorganic (from nonliving matter ex. rocks). Soil also has porous space that is composed of water and air. Many of the solid (organic/inorganic) materials also have water tightly holding on to their molecules.

Organic in scientific terms means anything that was made from something living, such as leaves, bones, wood. Most organic things are built with carbon skeletons, which are long stacks of carbon atoms bonded together. When organic matter is broken down to a point that doesn’t decay rapidly it is called humus. When organic matter in compost piles break down to a dark spongy substance, that is humus.

Humus is what makes up most potting soils that you buy from the store. This humus can be made from any type of organic matter, but most of the time it is from broken down trees and leaves. Humus is a great substance because it holds a lot of water and nutrients. Humus is what makes top soils so important for agriculture. Without humus water and nutrients usually run through water and have nothing for it to hold on to. Humus acts like a bunch of spiraled springs all piled on top of each other that expands as it absorbs water and nutrients. Humus also gives a perfect environment for beneficial fungus and bacteria to live on. Healthy soil organisms are the key to good soil.

The inorganic part of soil consists of rocks in various sizes. These different sized rocks are classified by size. Rocks are the largest size, then smaller than rocks are gravel, smaller than gravel is sand, smaller than sand is silt, and smaller than silt is clay.

Marijuana Grow Soil Texture

Marijuana Grow Soil Texture

2.0mm – 0.05mm, Sand allows soil to drain well.

0.05mm – 0.002mm, Silt gives soil a smooth body.

0.002mm and smaller, Clay allows soil to hold much water and nutrients.

Soil texture guide

How to Grow With Soil

Growing with soil is easy. All you need is your soil and a container (pot) to hold it in. You can get soil from many different places. You can get it at nurseries, hardware stores or hydroponic stores. You don’t want to get a cheap soil because lower quality soils usually have bad things in them that can cause diseases or other problems. It is good to go with a high quality marijuana grow soil because this is what provides your plants with the building blocks that they need. Bad soil can completely ruin your whole grow.

Soil is a great medium, you can start seeds in it, and it is really easy to transplant in. If you are starting seeds in soil, first wet the soil, then bury them about ¼ inch deep. Make sure the soil stays moist and you should expect a plant to germinate in a few days. If you have a clone, or are transplanting a plant, first fill your pot half way with soil. Then dig out a hole in the center large enough for your plants roots to fit in. Place your plant in the hole, and then fill the sides up with soil, and then cover your plants roots a few inches to give the plants main stem support.

Soil Nutrients

Most soils have a bit of nutrients in them naturally. Practically everything contains nutrients, when leaves break down, they release nutrients, when wood breaks down it releases nutrients, most of the hummus in soil has a wide array of nutrients bound to it. Most nutrients are water soluble, so if you have added various soil additives to the soil like guano, dried kelp meal or earth worm castings, when you water the soil, the nutrients from these soil additives will be released and absorbed by your plants roots. There are almost endless organic nutrients that you can add to your soil to slow release all the nutrients your plants need. The key to producing high quality cannabis buds with soil is to have a soil that is rich in nutrients. It is up to the grower to decide how they are going to make their soil and that’s what gives each growers end product a different quality, it all comes down to the marijuana grow soil.

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