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Short history of GROspot

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GROspot started in 2008 as a simple idea to be a different kind of company that gives back to the marijuana community. During the first few years GROspot was nothing but a website with reviews on many strains and grow guides. GROspot was seen by many people during those early years. 2011 we started making some apparel and focused on getting the brand seen by the right eyes.

After GROspot got a bit more known, we were let in on an opportunity to sell VaporCone Vape Pens. This worked out great and we had many shops around Ventura, Los Angeles and San Francisco selling VaporCone products. We then launched our online retail shop and began dropping the prices for customers. This was a time when most people were paying $100+ for vape pens that did not even work that good. The VaporCones we were selling would go for as much as $100’s at certain stores we would sell to. . . However to give back to all of the people who helped us over the years, we dropped the price down to as low as $30 on our site.

As 2013 came around we realized we need to take a big step and launch our own vape pens, so we did. We made it our aim to provide the best quality for a price that everyone can afford. With 2015 coming up, we are going to be doing a lot of new things, and releasing a lot of new products.

We would not be able to do any of this if it wasn’t for all of our amazing customers.

Thank you.

Dual Coil Skillet Atomizer from WAXXX Vape

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If you were disappointed by other vapes that only give you tiny hits, then this is the vape pen that was made for you. With two coils you get much more vapor in each hit. It also gives you a much larger surface area for placing your product. If you want to get large full hits time and time again. This is the vaporizer pen for you.

WAXXX Vape Dual Skillet

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Our new pen is taking off much faster than we predicted. They are sold in many stores around the Los Angeles region and on our website.

A lot of people have been skeptical as to whether you need two coils instead of just one, but after one hit all become believers. With the dual coils you get a much larger surface to place your concentrate so that it doesnt just pool up in the bottom corners.

The dual coils also give you huge hits time and time again because the larger surface area makes it much more like a traditional nail.

This is the best vape pen we have seen yet, and many customers agree as well